Quizz Team Fortress 2

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Quizz Team Fortress 2

Message par Shiroyuki le Ven 29 Juin 2012 - 2:24

1- http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/GTMPJD/What-Team-Fortress-2-class-are-you?view_quiz=1

The Sniper
A quick trigger finger and a good eye are your greatest abilities. You lay in wait for your enemies, patience working to your advantage as unsuspecting enemies walk out in the open only to be picked off.

2- http://quizilla.teennick.com/quizzes/5548446/which-team-fortress-2-character-are-you

You are the Sniper!
When you were younger, you used to get into lots of fights, but now that you're more mature, you've learned that it's better to distance yourself from your enemies. And then fire bullets through their brains.
You are, more or less, the sharpshooter that we all know and love from countless first-person shooters. When you sit atop your high perch, some may accuse you of camping and getting kills just to boost your own score. Always remember that you do much more than that; you support your team by giving them vital covering fire so that they can advance in safety. You provide essential support to your team by taking out enemies at 500 paces, and that's both helpful and badass.

Eh bien, apparament je suis un Sniper ... Boom! Headshot!!

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Re: Quizz Team Fortress 2

Message par Invité le Ven 29 Juin 2012 - 21:06

On dirais bien que je suis un scout

You're a Scout. You use your lightning fast speed to your advantage, and your biggest concern is a briefcase loaded with enemy blueprints. You rush your enemies, Shotgun in hand, dodging enemy fire while returning fire on your own.


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Re: Quizz Team Fortress 2

Message par PatteDeVelour le Dim 8 Juil 2012 - 23:42

Reconnaissance is your main advantage. You waist no time disguising yourself as enemies, cloaking, and sneaking behind their lines. As soon as you gain their trust, you pull out your trusty knife and unleash justice on your unsuspecting "friend".
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Re: Quizz Team Fortress 2

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