[Sport]Le World Cup 2014 (Soccer FIFA) s'envient bientot et le Japon y est a fond

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[Sport]Le World Cup 2014 (Soccer FIFA) s'envient bientot et le Japon y est a fond

Message par Neosilver le Jeu 5 Juin 2014 - 17:41

Si moindrement vous regardez l'actualité sur le net et a la télé.... vous savez surement que le World Cup du Soccer 2014 au Brésil s'en vient a très grand pas..... depuis plusieurs semaine on en attend parlé et bien sur, c'est l’effervescence dans plusieurs pays....

Et le Japon y est a fond aussi!!!  Bien sur le sport le plus populaire est le Baseball, mais en 2e je serais prêt a parier que ce serais le soccer.

Les Japonais adore aussi beaucoup ce sport et entre autre ils ont une très bonne équipe National féminine!!

Bref, lorsque des événements mondial aussi important arrive, il est normal de voir toute la culture japonaise embarquer dans la vague et profité de l’engouement.....

Si vous regarder la télé Japonaise et vous googler sur le net, vous aller voir tout plein de publicité et de commercial en rapport au phénomène...

Autant dans l'animation Japonaise (comme la mascotte officiel du Japon pour le World Cup 2014 : Pikachu)

Que des grand nom de compagnie importante Japonaise du monde du jeu vidéo (comme Sony et leur grand Boss : Hiroshi Kawano)

Que des produits de commercialisation nationalement connu (comme Coca Cola et leur bouteille au nom de célébrité populaire)

Pikachu and ten other Pokemon are Japan's official mascots the 2014 World Cup in Rio. I bet Domo and Hello Kitty are kicking themselves right now.
I am well aware that Japan has plenty of other colorful cultural icons that would have done just as good a job of representing the country in the World Cup this year. Characters like... um. Cloud? That little fluffy thing? A tentacle? Whatever, I'll ask Kotaku East master Brian Ashcraft about it later. What matters now is Pikachu is the official mascot of Japan's World Cup team, and he's bringing Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Chespin, Froakie, Fennekin, Meowth, Pancham, Litleo and the one I can't remember and can't be bothered to look up with him. 
Why? Look at the little bastards. They are adorable. Who could possibly score a goal on a team fronted by these little guys? That's why. Oh, and Adidas is handling Japan's livery (not the right term) for the trip to Brazil in June, and they entered into an agreement with Nintendo.
This is sort of like a Stick Jockey segment, isn't it? Hooray for sports!

The World Cup is starting soon—real soon. June 12, actually! You know what that means? Merchandising. And in Japan, that means Pokémon merchandising.
Since Japan's official World Cup mascot is Pikachu, the character is being put on a whole bunch of things so people will buy them. Makes sense!

Better yet, in Japan, Pikachu is already slapped on a bunch of things. Now, the character is on a bunch of things in a World Cup jersey. Gotta catch 'em all!
In-store display proudly features Pikachu. [Pic: zugotta]

Here are Pikachu sandwich cakes. They are flavored "milk ichigo" (ミルクイチGO) a pun on "milk strawberry" and "go first." [Pic: rabienrose310]

More Pikachu World Cup soccer snacks. [Pic: 3sasanosassa4]

Towels. [Pic: kyangab]

A notebook. Well, two notebooks (one is not for the World Cup, but rather, Yokai Watch). [Pic: kimubun]

Donuts. [Pic: withrilakkuma_S]

Pikachu World Cup bread comes with little stickers (all Pokemon bread does, but the World Cup-branded ones come with stickers like this.) [Pic: jun_hz]

A hat. [Pic: oi_mnm]

A kiddy jersey. [Pic: ega_watari]

Chewing gum. [Pic: kenta_ebityuu]

Plush toys. Note the coin cases. [Pic: mi0nyan_a]

A thermos. Note the thermos. [Pic: soccer_nipponda]

Another uniform for kids. [Pic: GALLERY2_shop]

Paper for origami. This also comes with stickers. [Pic: keimass_soccer]

A Pokéball... soccer ball. And no, it's not as big as an actual soccer ball, but rather, Pokéball-sized.

If only Sony Computer Entertainment Hiroshi Kawano was this good at soccer! The Sony exec recently admitted that he needed some postproduction help for this online clip. Just in time for the World Cup, huh? 

Hell, if only I were this good at soccer—or computer trickery!

Coca-Cola launched its "Share a Coke" promotion in Japan. And people looking to make a quick buck, er, yen, are auctioning off bottles with celebrity names.
On Yahoo! Auctions, celebrity names are being offered as pairs. So, for example, bidding starts at 5,000 yen (about $50) for this "Koshi Inaba" set. Inaba is the lead singer of Japanese rock band B'z. Keep in mind, a bottle of Coke costs under two bucks.

According to Get News, a set with "Yuta" and "Tamamori" hit 6,250 yen ($61) with Yuta Tamamori being a member of boy band Kis-My-Ft2. A set of name bottles for all the members of girl group Momoiro Clover Z went for 15,000 yen ($150), Get News adds. Some of the names of famous folks are hard to find, hence the amped up prices. 

However, a quick look around Yahoo! Auctions Japan shows that most of the more expensive bidding hovers between 1,000 yen and 2,000 yen (between $10 and $20), but these bottles that say "Fujigaya" and "Taisuke" are 3,000 yen ($30). Taisuke Fujigaya is a member of Kis-My-Ft2. Likewise, his name is not so common. Thus, one would think it's hard to find bottles with "Fujigaya" on them.
Here are some more auctions, with images created by Yahoo! Auctions Japan user ukdoubledecker:

How about sharing a Coke with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe?


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