[Techno] Bientot les Eroge aurons remplacer les filles pour les gamers

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[Techno] Bientot les Eroge aurons remplacer les filles pour les gamers

Message par Neosilver le Dim 10 Fév 2013 - 18:53

AVERTISSEMENT : Ce post contient des propos Mature a thématique sexuel. Il est recommander que vous soyez autorisé au concept de la sexualité (age recommandé 14 ans et +)


Errfff.. quand j'ai vue cette article la, je me suis dis que le monde du jeux vidéo s'en vient grave.... oh je savais qu'un paquet de ce genre de gadget existais surement déjà, mais maintenant que la technologie ''move'' sensor et la technologie ''image'' reconnition s'en vient de plus en plus au point.... c'est clair que bientot le monde de la console vidéo va se faire envahir par la porno.... encore plus qu'avant!

Cela me fais penser au manga que j'avais déjà lu qui ce nomme ressentiment, le monde virtuel sera l'univers des gamers.

Maintenant la question est... qu'elle compagnie va consolider toute cette technologie et créé les périphérique pour sa console pour les consomateur?? Playstation? Nintendo? Xbox? mmmmmm

Comme l'article le mentionne... ceci n'est pas inutile... c'est de l'innovation... de la science... et bientot le future!!!

A Penis-Powered Controller That Looks Familiar

Upcoming erotic game Custom Maid 3D will be bundled with a
very special controller. It looks like the PS Move, but with a few key
differences—one of which is you put dicks in it. Dubbed Ju-C Air,
the peripheral is a wireless masturbation toy that will respond and
react in real time to your stroke speed and depth, making this motion
control of a very particular sort. Those motions will also cause the
in-game characters to react accordingly, too, with different characters
reacting, um, differently. Okay, then!
The Ju-C Air peripheral
(see below) also has an analog stick and an action button as well as a
right and a left click. This means that players don't even have to take
their hands off their penis while playing. That's called knowing your
Japanese erotic games, while incredibly niche, are a hotbed of smart ideas that range from upskirt head tracking (voir plus bas) and object detection (voir plus bas) to masturbation stat tracking (voir plus bas) and this thing (voir plus bas). There's one word for this and that's INNOVATION. (Well, there are several words, but let's stick with that.)

This special Custom Maid 3D bundle goes on sale February 22 for ¥13,440 (US$144).

PC Game + Webcam Makes In-Game Upskirts Now Possible

It was only a matter of time. Erotic game Tech48 is using face
tracking technology to let players do things like look at in-game
heroines from various angles — that, and up their skirts.Developed
by eroge maker Teatime, the game uses a special webcam and face
tracking software to locate players' faces. So when players move left to
right, the in-gamer character follows them with her eyes.
seen technology used in gaming before. The erotic game spin? When
players crouch down, it's possible for players to peek up the heroine's
There's a Youtube clip
which shows this groundbreaking technology in action. We're pretty sure
if these developers had put their minds to things beside upskirts, they
could be curing cancer or something.

Erotic Game Now Detecting Shapes (Oh Dear)

Teatime, developer of adult Love Death series, is bringing Tech48's face tracking camera tech to Love Death 4. What's more, the game will detect shapes.This cannot end well.
not yet known how this shape recognition tech will be employed in the
game, but the pictured example seems to indicate that you-know-what will
play an important part. (It always does!)
Just think if these
wizards used their power for good. Cure for cancer, the ability to
microwave metal and in-game boner recognition. Oh wait.

New Game Peripheral Tweets Your Masturbation Stats

And you thought browser game tweets were irritating? Japanese adult game studio Tech Arts 3D developed the Onacon, a USB controller peripheral than runs on computer power—and that you put your ding-a-ling in.
According to sister site Gizmodo Japan,
Onacon software dubbed "Ona Counter" can keep track of player's playing
with themselves time, their play frequency, and their "average speed"
when using the peripheral.
Tech Arts 3D doesn't see its Onacon as
a peripheral for erotic games only, but for other games, too. Ona
Counter can apparently send your stats to Twitter and to Japanese social
networking site Mixi. Yep, e-penis for real!

Peripheral Designed with Dicks in Mind Coming Next Month

Japan's Tech Art 3D
doesn't just make video games. It also makes things to put on your
junk. Some might call this unnecessary or disgusting, I'll call it
multitasking. Tech Arts 3D is the studio behind computer title 3D Custom Girl, which allows players to create custom computer girls and then do things.
fall, Tech Arts 3D began work on the USB Onacon, a USB controller
peripheral than runs on computer power. It's now going to be released.
Tech Arts 3D dated this USB Onacon for a Nov. 25 release.
Tech Arts 3D isn't new to stuff like this and is working on all sorts of sexy R&D from a mixed reality headset to implementing a whack-off machine with its games. Last year, the company focused its attention on face-tracking tech as players looked up skirts.
The USB Onacon will be bundled with 3D Custom Girl
for ¥9,240 (US$120). Tech Arts 3D listed an "open price" for just the
peripheral, leaving it up to retailer to decide just how much a USB
attachment for dicks is worth.

Erotic Game Makes Next-Gen Hands Free A Scary Reality

No, that's not a kitchen appliance. That's the SOM, a hands free
you-know-what machine. Ironically named game developer Overflow has
synchronized the "dream" device with its erotic game Cross Days. The
game's website points out the the machine moves in real time to
corresponding on screen motions during "climax scenes." The SOM connects
to the computer via USB. As the Cross Days website suggests, "Install SOM and experience a next-gen reality!" Oh dear.
pictures after the jump of the Lady's piston machine SOM and a more
realistic hand-version. Not work safe — or anywhere else, really.

The manufacturer says it uses a material called "septon," which is used in medical devices.


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